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We would like to tell you about the caring souls that are RememberMePets.  Please "Read More" to learn about us and why we are passionate about pets!

Wilbur Head
7-22-2020 post-Bean-Worthy of Devotion



"I remember when I was a rescue it was a very scary time.  As I sat in my crate I wasn't sure that anyone would ever love me.   I wish RememberMePets would have been around back then to help the shelter find me a new home.  Luckily my Forever parents found me and I am in a loving home! "


Loved/Loving Pet


"I was just 9 weeks old when my owner was at Lowe’s and I was enjoying the trip in his coat pocket.  Another shopper stopped him and asked if that was a St Bernard in his pocket?  My owner said yes.  He also said that I was a big whiner (soon to be big and a big whiner ?) ) and he might have to take me to the pound because people didn’t want me.  I was very sad to hear that but the nice man said his wife had a Saint when she was growing up and would love to have another one!  I left Lowe’s in that nice man’s pocket and went home to meet my new Forever Mom!  She was so happy she just cried and cried!  Now I am 8 and 140 pounds and get to spend 5 days a week with my best friends and my Mom at her office!  Life is great!"


Loved/Loving Pet


"I was at the shelter for over 6 months but luckily it was a No Kill shelter.  Then one day my Forever Dad came in to make a donation.  I saw him and I made sure I was on my best behavior when he stopped by my kennel and met me. He then brought in my future Forever Mom and I was delivered to their home by the president of the Humane Society on Christmas Eve!  That is why my name is Marley!"


Loved/Loving Pet

Mocha, my new love

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