In 2019 my partner Dawn and I were driving to a photo/video shoot in southern Indiana for her company Designs-Group, LLC.  As we were driving we passed a Humane Society shelter and we got started talking about shelters and how do they market with their budgets and manpower.  We currently bring our four legged kids to work with us and they mean the world to us.  We both feel strongly that all pets deserve not just a home but a good home and we decided to do what we could to help the shelters with their mission to find loving homes for the animals entrusted to them.  We feel that they don’t just need a home but a loving home, where people feel their pets are really a part of the family and not just “the pet”.  They give us so much and they deserve the same from us.

We will involve other people from Designs Group and more people as we grow but this is truly becoming our mission!  It is something we truly love and are passionate about! Thank you for joining us!

Mocha, my new love

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