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Hi, my name is John Toennies.  I am a native of Wisconsin and moved to Indiana in 2000.  In about 2003 I met a lovely lady by the name of Dawn Darga who is an incredibly talented artist and graphic designer.  I was a client of hers for a couple of years and then in early 2005 we started working together.  When I was growing up and even into my adulthood there were dogs and cats but they were always just “animals” that lived in the house.  They were taken care of but I never bonded with them.  Dawn was an animal lover and through the conversations we had I started to change.

Then one Sunday afternoon I went to our office in downtown Marion and out in the street was this stray dog that people were trying to catch.  Eventually we caught him and I put him in my car to take him to the pound.  I did that and then later on that afternoon I went back and took him out.  He was not happy with me.  When we got home I found out that he hated my wife as well as my other dog.  I took him for training and eventually he settled down for the most part but everyone was afraid of him.  He and I on the other hand developed this unbreakable bond.  He trusted and loved me and I him but I was the only one.

We were together for a year but unfortunately, he bit someone and I had to put him down.  It was a  horrible experience.  When his last day came, Dawn told me to do something special with him.  I took him to one of the reservoirs and we spent the day running and playing.  It was great and I smile every time I look at the photos.  I am crying just typing this.

Anyway, Washington taught me about unconditional love and it was a huge gift.  I now have Mocha and Marley and I would do anything for “my girls”.  They are family and I love them dearly.  My girls are all shelter dogs and they are part of the impetus for RememberMePets, LLC.  I want all shelter animals to have a good home!

Washington's Final Day
Washington's Final Day
Mocha, my new love

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