RememberMe Pets is a collaborative effort between three of the main employees of Designs Group, LLC. a graphic design and marketing firm with our main office located in Marion, IN.  At any point in time we have six dogs and two Guinea pigs that come into work with us and improve the outlook and spirit in our office.  Four dogs come to our main office daily and employees would like to bring more but our current lease only allows for 2 at this point so…. :O)

Needless to say, we love our kids, most of whom came from shelters or were rescues.  Since we are in the business of marketing, we realize the importance of marketing to get your product, service or brand noticed.  We also realize that everyone has a budget and animal shelters are at the mercy of donations and adoption fees.  We also realize that there is a spay/neuter problem in the U.S.  One day on the way to a photo/video shoot, we drove by a shelter in southern Indiana.  We started talking about the issues that shelters face with small budgets and the massive need to do marketing.  We believe that a business owner needs to spend about 80% of their time marketing their business.  Most regular businesses don't spend that much time marketing and we are sure that shelters don't and that is why we are here.

Since we just happen to be in the graphic design/marketing business – we think we may be of help!  Most shelters don’t really have an owner but rather a manager and board members that are probably either retired or employed at other full-time jobs, so who is doing the marketing? Most shelter volunteers/employees love animals but probably do not have a creative slant and find it difficult, or next to impossible to come up with creative and unique marketing pieces. That is where RememberMe Pets (RMPets) - saves the day.  We decided to create a business whose main goal is to provide cost effective and creative marketing solutions for shelters all over the country.  To make it cost effective, we researched and found software that will allow the shelters to personalize the pieces that our award- winning designers have already created.  We can then either print it, or the shelter can download a digital file.  We are also going to have “stock” videos that we can personalize for your shelter with the addition of logos, taglines, location, etc.

We also feel the need to provide educational materials for the general public on the health benefits of pet ownership.  Our goal is to show people that it is not about - just having a pet in the house – but having another member of the family.  When I was growing up we had several dogs over the years but they were just that, dogs - dogs that lived in our house.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned the true benefits of pet ownership and now my two girls are truly part of my family!

Please check out our website and all the offerings that we have created and contact us if you have any questions!

Mocha, my new love

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